Understanding our Gp appointment system

Appointment types

We have several different types of appointment aimed at meeting the needs of the majority of patients:

  • A telephone consultation (for patients aged 13 and over) save time for both patients and doctors, we are developing telephone consultations as a means of improving efficiency. We ask patients to only book telephone appointment for matters that do not require for you to have a physical assessment. Telephone appointments are often preferred for follow up consultations or for ongoing problems. 
    • We no longer offer telephone TRIAGE appointments as we did during the pandemic to assess the patient initially, we do not have the capacity to call patients into the practice and the GP who you are speaking to is not always guaranteed to be onsite in the practice.   
  • Face to face appointments are now available unless you have tested positive for Covid 19
  • Urgent appointments. These are intended for problems that need to be dealt with as a matter of medical urgency. Please phone as soon as possible if you genuinely require one of these appointments. Once our daily capacity for all types of GP appointments has been reached the receptionist will take the nature of your urgent query and pass this to the GP who will determine if this is an emergency.
  • Nurse appointments. Our nurses deal with the monitoring long term health conditions We are currently looking at offering certain types of appointment online that can be pre booked.
  • Home visits. Given that a doctor can see three or four patients in surgery in the time that it takes to do a single visit, home visits are restricted to patients who are genuinely housebound or reside in a care home.

Making appointments

  • There are several different ways of making an appointment including the following:
  • In person. We are happy to make appointments at the reception desk although it can sometimes be very busy as other patients will be wanting to check in or have other requests, Booking appointments in person will affect your privacy as the receptionist may need to ask why you need to see the Doctor.
  • By phone. This is still the most popular way of making an appointment although our current telephony system managed by the NHS does not have a queuing system and is in desperate need of an upgrade we  are in the process in moving to a new provider soon and we endeavour to enhance our current system.
  • Online is the practice preferred method of booking, we have a selection of face to face and telephone appointments including extended hours telephone appointments available to be pre booked in advance. The rest of our same day GP appointments (telephone and face to face) appointment are available to be booked from 8am every morning we are open.

You need to register at reception initially in order to get access to the online service